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I Love You

by n.a + a.n.

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I Love You 03:01
When I look into your eyes I see infinity. Wanna know the effect you have on me? Reverb. You're so 24/7. My never-ending possibility. My lips, my waiting lips, can't wait 'til morning. On the dance floor, You make a gushy puddle out of me. Sparkle Motions in liquid form! You make me wanna jump in your arms and sing in the street! I love you...
It's hot! Heat rises high romance I'm seeing mirages, on the highway of deepest blue and green, my insides fill with so many golden suns, Tiny and tingling. It's wet! High romance descending. Big thunder's exiting. Raindrops crashing, splashing all around my atmosphere fills with lightning bolts and such, and such electric activity. My heart travels for miles, high above land, just to see you Aqui son mis brazos para amar And love's breezy currents are constantly moving Like your hair blowing 'round in a convertible car. My heart travels for miles, travels for miles...
Tiger Lily trampin' to it, See what you find. ...west and west and west and west... I'm going there too: West, for my dreams of calico. Reminds me of Hope Freedom Destiny and Love. Tiger Lily trampin' to it, See what you find: ...west and west and west and west... You're electric, you're alive; You can fill an entire blue sky. Reminds me of Hope Freedom Destiny and Love Tiger Lily trampin' to it, See what you find: ...west and west and west and west... Promise me this, and only this; Stay awake with me - we'll tear our map to bits! - Reminds me of Hope Freedom Destiny and Love.
Natalie! 03:41
Hey everybody! Hey Amos! There's this girl I gotta tell you about: She's the girl of my dreams. She's got a lotta class, and she's got me - she's got me whistling in my sleep. What's she like?! Well, she's sweet... she's beautiful... she's a feminist.... ooooooohhhh I mean, how can a Unicorn like me be so lucky? She makes me wanna scream something joyful. She makes me wanna cheer something grand - something the whole world can join in and sing! N.A.T.A.L.I.E Natalie!
The moment when my loud heart, kicking, Screamed: "Free Danger Period!" A map-maker, with a lucky number three, met me. A deceptive river, turned tender sugar And breathed so many kind of "Please." And instant awareness of possibility. The blue-colored lights and I are strung across the night; We're holdin' tight to the palm trees. My tall drink of water from outer space, I'd do whatever it takes to have you near me. Trace a long, sparkly route, across my rocky shores Through the clouds in my head, To your galaxy of ambient thrill and galloping marvelty.
Kissing Pool 04:14
Fresh from the kissing pool, I see you, one-of-a-kind. So happy you're mine, I can see the divine in you. Soaring birds and aeroplanes write my feelings for you across the sky. Fresh from the kissing pool, I see you... your movie star flair... I can't help but stare at the beauty that comes from you. Daydream snapshots of you catch the light. I can see everything springtime clear.
Future 02:27
My love Don't you see I keep wanting To walk out And find you In a strange place With an assurance Of an imaginable And wondrous Future
Q2U 02:31
Because I was dreaming of things that you do, I was speeding. True love lights up tunnels of heat in me, I to speeding. Sometimes I find your tag, in black, on the wall; I go speeding. Q2U...


na+an is Natalie Agee and Aimee Norwich.


released June 15, 2008

all songs written, recorded, mixed, and produced by na+an.
Vocals: Natalie and Aimee
Guitars: Natalie and Aimee
Basses and Oddities: Aimee
Programming: Aimee
Live drums recorded by Vivian Stoll.

Thank you to our drummers: Carmine Covelli on track 5; Lee Free on tracks 6 & 7; and Andrea Shearer on tracks 3 & 9.

Mastered by Emily Lazar at The Lodge.
Assistant Mastering Engineer Joe LaPorta

Cover Painting by Anitra Haendel
Graphic Design and Layout by Megan Gendell

Background Vocals on "The Sun The Sun The Sun" and Pick Bass on "Kissing Pool": Jerold H.

Tambourine and Shaker on "Natalie!": Carmine Covelli

Cheering Crowd on "Natalie!": Arantza Barrios, Marci Blackman, Carmine Covelli, Heidi Dorow, Lee Free, Tara Gordon, Diana Y. Greiner, Jerold H., Neal Medlyn, Andrea Shearer, Vivian Stoll.

Special Thanks: Katie Agresla, Sini Anderson, Elena Azzoni, Catherine Bodnar, Ana Carolina, John Davie, Heidi Dorow, Veronica Dougherty, D.Y. Greiner, Jerold H., Heather Hammond, Kathleen Hanna, Kalki Hennenberg, Gretchen Hildebran, Anna Taft Jacobs, Jean Loscalzo, Neal Medlyn, Pilou Miller, Scott Murchison, Johnny Nolan, Our families, Jeep Ries, Lawrence Simonitsch, Francis Stallings, Rebecca Stronger, Adrienne Truscott.

Thanks so very much to all the kind people who were part of this project and thank you for listening!


all rights reserved



Aimee Norwich New York

Aimee Norwich is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer, audio & mastering engineer, and visual artist.

She plays a Hybrid Bass/Guitar, which she invented, Fretless Electric Bass, Piccolo Bass and Electric Bass, along with various FX pedals and loop stations.

Much of the technology she uses in the recording studio, is gear that she builds, such as tube microphones, preamps, etc.
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